1. WRECK & REFERENCE ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM, ‘WANT’ Coming June 10th from The Flenser; US Tour with Deafheaven to Coincide

    Wreck & Reference’s new 11-song album, Want, has been slated for a June 10th release on CD, LP and Digital formats through SF-based dark music label The Flenser. 37 minutes in length, Want was recorded by the band and mixed/mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Whirr, Loma Prieta) and sees Wreck and Reference taking a new sonic direction while maintaining their hold on experimental, electronic, and post metal genres: a trainwreck of contradictions that is devastatingly addictive. In conjunction with their new album release, Wreck & Reference has been tapped as support (alongside Pallbearer) on the upcoming Deafheaven tour which starts June 8th in Boston and ends July 2nd at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco - check out the full routing below.

    Formed in 2011 by drummer Ignat Frege and instrumentalist Felix Skinner, Wreck & Reference play by their own rules and create a sound that is unorthodox and captivating using drums, vocals, and computers. The band released their demo Black Cassette that same year, which immediately turned heads from critics and fans alike. The following year, Wreck & Reference released their debut full-length, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶, to more critical praise. Even more dark and mysterious than its predecessor, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ catapulted Wreck & Reference to the forefront of unconventional heavy music. The band released their landmark effort C̶o̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶ in May of last year, also on The Flenser, which was called “weirdly heavy and unnerving” by NPR.

    Song premieres, pre-order information, and more tour dates coming soon for Wreck & Reference’s Want. In the meantime, check out a segment of a new track alongside footage of Wreck & Reference in the studio.

    Want Track Listing:
    1. Corpse Museum
    2. Apollo Beneath The Whip
    3. Stranger, Fill This Hole In Me
    4. Bankrupt
    5. A Glass Cage For An Animal
    6. A Tax
    7. Flies
    8. Convalescence
    9. Machine Of Confusion
    10. Swallow
    11. Apologies

    8 Boston, MA @ Sinclair w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    9 Philadelphia, PA @ Barbary w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    10 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    11 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    15 Miami, FL @ Churchill’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    16 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    17 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    18 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    20 St. Louis, MO @ Firebird w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    21 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    22 Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    23 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    24 Lawrence, KS @ Granada w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    26 Houston, TX @ FItzgerald’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    27 Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    28 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
    30 Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom w/ Deafheaven, Destruction Unit
    1 San Diego, CA @ Casbah w/ Deafheaven
    2 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall w/ Deafheaven



    "Where You Rest Your Head At Night" Appears on Desideratum, Available May 13th from The Flenser

    Having just returned from a U.S. tour, Planning For Burial is gearing up for the release of Desideratum on May 13th and just premiered a new track over on Noisey.com. “Where You Rest Your Head At Night” is the first track to be unveiled from this full-length album, the band’s first in almost four years, and is perfect first selection from this New Jersey-based gloom project.

    Planning For Burial is the product of a single wunderkind taking healthy obsessions with certain influences and filtering them through a droning, gloomy spyglass that evokes only the most concrete blues (the emotion not the music) this side of the gray waters of the Atlantic. While Planning For Burial gets lumped in with the whole wave of “bedroom recording artists” (which is where the project toiled for years until debut LP Leaving finally was released in 2010), the mastermind behind the project sets himself apart from his peers due in no small part to his background in sound. Like labelmates Have A Nice Life, Planning For Burial’s brand of dark shoegaze/gloomgaze is hard to categorize, but it’s sound contains elements of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, drone, 90’s alt rock, 80’s goth, and black metal, while never being defined by any one of those genres.

    Over the course of the last four years, Planning for Burial has been sporadically popping up in live venues (sharing the stage with a wide breadth of musical compatriots from Chelsea Wolfe to Deafheaven, while seeming out of place at none) along the east and west coasts and releasing a slew of EPs and splits on various labels. Now, Planning for Burial is gearing up to release Desideratum on San Francisco’s Flenser Records on May 13th and the band will announce more tour dates for this summer very soon.

    Desideratum Track Listing:
    1. Where You Rest Your Head At
    2. Desideratum
    3. 29 August 2012
    4. Purple
    5. Golden

    Planning For Burial, Discography:
    Leaving LP (2010) Enemies List Home Recordings
    Desideratum LP (2014) Flenser Records
    Untitled EP (2011) Music Ruins Lives
    Late Twenties Blues EP (2011) self-released
    Quietly EP (2013) Enemies List Home Recordings
    Glowing Windows, Walk Alone EP (2013) Self-released
    Split w/Lonesummer (2010) Music Ruins Lives
    Split w/Dreamless (2013) Altar Of Waste
    Split w/Lonesummer (II) (2013) Music Ruins Lives


  3. Alla Latteria Molloy: The Lords of Altamont (USA) venerdì 18 Aprile in concerto!

    / Brescia /
    venerdì 18.04.2014
    - opening: JENA
    giovedì 24.04.2014
    LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY / live

    Venerdì 18 aprile, alla Latteria Molloy di Brescia, arriva la travolgente garage punk band californiana “The Lords of Altamont” per la primissima data del nuovo tour italiano! Con un rock venato di un’attitudine smaccatamente sixties punk, la band di Jack “The Preacher” Cavaliere (già fondatore dei leggendari Bomboras), sbarca in Europa per promuovere il nuovo album celebrativo per i 13 anni di attività!
    Il prossimo imperdibile appuntamento è previsto giovedì 24 Aprile quando sul palco della Latteria Molloy si esibirà l’artista che ha scritto la storia della musica reggae (collaborando a numerose hit di Bob Marley), ed inventore del genere dub: Lee “Scratch” Perry.

    Via Marziale Ducosa 2/b
    Brescia (presso La Nave di Harlock)
    INFO: 346 8780428 / email

    venerdì 18 Aprile 2014
    APERTURA circolo h. 21.00 / Inizio spettacoli h. 22.00
    INGRESSO riservato ai possessori di tessera Arci 2014*
    con un contributo di 7 EURO

    giovedì 24 Aprile 2014
    APERTURA circolo h. 21.00 / Inizio spettacoli h. 21.30
    INGRESSO riservato ai possessori di tessera Arci 2014*
    con un contributo di 15 EURO.
    BIGLIETTI: acquistabili on line (15 euro+dir.prev).

    *La tessera non può essere richiesta e acquistata all’ingresso
    quindi può accedere solo chi è già in possesso di tessera oppure chi l’ha richiesta precedentemente compilando il form online. In questo ultimo caso la tessera può essere ritirata e pagata alla prima occasione utile. Il costo della tessera Arci è di 10 euro, ma per chi ha meno di 25 anni il costo è di 5 euro.


  4. MICHAEL MONROE - Tour in Italia

    15.05.14 Orion Live, Ciampino (RM)
    16.05.14 Borderline, Pisa
    17.05.14 Rock Planet, Pinarella di Cervia (RA)
    18.05.14 Legend Club, Milano

    Michael Monroe

    What’s in a name? If the name is Michael Monroe, the answer is A WHOLE LOT. Right now, Michael Monroe is first and foremost a kickass rock band. The band’s new album Horns And Halos is due out on August 23rd, 2013 worldwide on Spinefarm Records and Ballad Of The Lower East Side was released back in March as the first single and video. Horns And Halos is a cosmopolitan affair, written and recorded around the world by an international posse. Los Angeles, Stockholm, New York and various locations in Finland have all left their mark on the record. Stockholm was especially important, with recording taking place in the same room where Hanoi Rocks recorded their debut album over 30 years ago. Petri Majuri, Monroe’s trusted man for over a decade, mixed the album at Seawolf Studios in scenic Suomenlinna, a fortress island off Helsinki. It’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it’s all about the vibe.
    Let’s look at the band’s anatomy.

    The beating heart of the group consists of bass player Sami Yaffa and drummer Karl Rockfist. Sami and Michael go way back, to the 1980s. Sami played bass in Hanoi Rocks, started Demolition 23 with Michael, started cult band Mad Juana in Spain in the 1990s and ended up playing in the reformed New York Dolls, as well as with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in the 2000s. Karl has gone from charging neighborhood kids to see his preteen Kiss cover project to pounding the skins behind stars like Glenn Danzig and Joan Osborne.

    The band’s six-string guts pack a real punch with Swedish legend Dregen and lead guitarist and primary songwriter Steve Conte. Dregen was one of the prime movers behind the Scandinavian rock renaissance of the 1990s, having delivered both The Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters into this world. Steve Conte started his career at the age of 11 by making his first album in the family living room and backing his jazz singer mom at venues in New York and New Jersey. Since then he’s led his own bands, The Crazy Truth and Company Of Wolves and provided the rhythmic backbone and tasty leads for artists like Suzi Quatro, Willy DeVille and Eric Burdon as well as being called upon to fill the sizable void left by Johnny Thunders in the reformed New York Dolls in 2004.

    What about the man with the name, then? Michael Monroe’s inclusion in rock’s pantheon was a done deal with Hanoi Rocks, but the fact is he’s just kept getting better and more intense since then, culminating in the last few whirlwind years as the head of this band. Multi-instrumentalist, fearless and consummate performer, bearer of the rock’n’roll torch, Michael Monroe has been putting himself on the line for decades and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. There is no half-stepping in Monroe’s world. Michael Monroe’s last album Sensory Overdrive was a worldwide critical and commercial success and ended up winning Classic Rock magazine’s album of the year award. It also took the band on tour all over the globe. The stage is where Michael Monroe belongs and comes into its own as a living, breathing rock organism capable of total, literally rib-snapping abandon.

    Now, with all the new pieces of the rock puzzle firmly in place, Michael Monroe is gearing up for total domination.



  5. Finestvinyl.de announces exclusive Groezrock Vinyl Compilation on BLOOD RED VINYL World-exclusive Groezrock Compilation will be released on May 16th, 2014

    Visit our website at: www.groezrock.be

    While Record Store Day is just around the corner proving each year how important the vinyl record is for the music community, the German vinyl mailorder specialist finestvinyl.de announces number one in a planned Groezrock Vinyl Compilation Series: the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation. finestvinyl.de and the makers of Groezrock Festival in Belgium (presenting the cream of the crop in the hardcore/punk world each year in late April/early May and kicking off the festival season pogo-style) put their heads together and reflected how good it would be to press the festival feeling on vinyl. Said and done.

    What we find on the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation is a batch of rare, exclusive or simply fantastic tracks by bands appearing on this year’s Groezrock Festival. Strictly limited to 500 units worldwide the Groezrock 2014 Compilation will be pressed on blood red vinyl and will be available exclusively on finestvinyl.de.
    On board this year you will find tracks by BOYSETSFIRE, LA DISPUTE, TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, GAMEFACE, THE SMITH STREET BAND, BODYJAR and many more.

    More about the compilation: http://www.finestvinyl.de/en/home.cfm?p=296&item=70953

    Side A
    Boysetsfire - “Until Nothing Remains”

    Touché Amoré - “Anyone/Anything”

    Gameface - “Swing State”

    La Dispute - “First Reactions After Falling Through…”

    PUP - “Reservoir”

    Elway - “Someday, Sea Wolf”

    Fabulous Disaster - “Spider Bite”

    Side B

    Restorations - “D”

    The Smith Street Band - “Bigger Than Us”

    Bodyjar - “Your Racist Friend”

    Apologies, I Have None - “Raging Through The Thick…”

    Red City Radio - “Help Save The Youth Of America…”

    Funeral Dress - “The Last Call”




    info www.groezrock.be - www.groezrock.fr - www.groezrock.be - www.groezrock.es

    rss http://www.groezrock.be/rss.xml

    twitter http://www.twitter.com/groezrock - #GROEZROCK - #GR14 - #GROEZROCKUNLEASHED

    facebook http://www.facebook.com/groezrock



    EP OUT NOW -

    With 2011’s Blue Songs running the gamut from full-blown disco and jacking house to the more experimental, Hercules & Love Affair’s new album ‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ sees another musical reinvention from ringmaster Andy Butler - delivered by an impeccable new line up.
    The ever-revolving collective led house music’s resurgence with club anthem ‘Blind’ in 2008 (Pitchfork’s record of the year), and 2014’s line up is another roll call of exceptionally talented vocalists. BRITS nominee John Grant’s ability for translating hardship into elegance is writ large on ‘I Try To Talk To You’ and ‘Liberty’; Rouge Mary, whose deep, spiritual voice is hewn from a gospel education; Belgian singer Gustaph whose counter tenor takes lead on the single ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ and smoky voiced virtuoso Krystle Warren who was introduced to Butler by Grant and sees the provocative ‘My Offence”.

    Andy Butler comments: “I wanted nasty basslines, stormy, bleary-eyed sounds, fiery, rough, tough and ragged old school house productions that sounded almost techno. I didn’t want polite, I wanted aggressive.”

    This aesthetic coupled with tales of emotional triumph makes for something tough yet soulful. Meaningful house music that IS pop music and can speak to the most musically adroit of tastes.

    Kicking off proceedings is the dancefloor single ‘Do You Feel The Same?’, a jacking pop anthem released 14th April, with B-sides ‘Raid’ (a late night dancefloor banger replete with sirens) and ‘Working Miracles’ (a sample led journey into the more experimental side of Hercules & Love Affair).

    ‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ is co-produced by Ha-Ze Factory and industrial stalwart Mark Pistel and released on Moshi Moshi on May 26th.

    Album tracklisting:

    Hercules Theme 2014

    My Offence feat. Krystle Warren

    I Try To Talk To You - feat. John Grant

    That’s Not Me - feat. Gustaph

    Think - feat. Rouge Mary

    5.43 To Freedom - feat. Rouge Mary

    The Light - feat. Krystle Warren

    Liberty - feat. John Grant

    Do You Feel The Same? – feat. Gustaph

    The Key - feat. Rouge Mary

    One of dance music’s finest live acts Hercules & Love Affair are set to announce a full run of European dates, summer shows and festivals

    European Tour dates:

    May 8th – Vienna, Austria – Poolbar mit Pratersauna

    May 9th - Neuchâtel, Switzerland- Case à chocs

    May 10th - Bern, Switzerland – Dachstock

    May 12th - Stuttgart, Germany - Wagenhallen

    May 13th - Cologne, Germany - Club Bahnhof Ehrnefeld

    May 14th - Berlin, Germany - Gretchen

    May 15th - Leipzig, Germany - Conne Island

    May 16th - Munich, Germany - Strom

    May 17th - Offenbach am Main, Germany - Hafen 2

    May 20th – Brussels, Belgium – The Chapiteau @ Le Nuit Botanique

    May 21st – Amsterdam, Holland – Trouw

    May 23rd – London, UK – The Laundry

    May 24th – Bristol, UK – Love Saves The Day festival


  7. Grammy-Nominated Hard Rockers SALIVA Debut New Track ‘Lost’ - Listen Exclusively via Billboard Magazine

    New Album ‘Rise Up’ Hits Stores on April 29, 2014 via Rum Bum Records

    Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated hard rockers SALIVA are pleased to reveal a brand new track, entitled ‘Lost’, exclusively via Billboard.com today! ‘Lost’ appears as track #4 on the band’s highly-anticipated upcoming release Rise Up. ‘Lost’ is being streamed along with a detailed interview with new vocalist Bobby Amaru. Check out the track via Billboard here, and stay tuned for more exclusives coming soon!

    “We are really excited that people are responding so positively to a song that we put a lot of ourselves into, and that reaches a special spot inside our fans,” comments singer Bobby Amaru in response to the release of ‘Lost’.

    SALIVA’s highly-anticipated new album Rise Up will hit stores on April 29, 2014 via Rum Bum Records. Pre-order your copy now via iTunes and Amazon, or simply click the links below and order today!

    Rise Up Pre-Order Links:

    iTunes: http://bit.ly/1mhjn4b

    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1kIxE7f

    Earlier this week, CraveOnline revealed the first two of several Rise Up track-by-track videos to be released this month. These two videos detail the tracks ‘Rise Up’ and ‘She Can Sure Hide Crazy’. Click here to watch the track-by-track videos via CraveOnline and stay tuned for more videos coming soon.

    Rise Up is produced by acclaimed producer Bobby Huff (Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, Tim Finn). Rise Up marks the true revival of SALIVA, presenting the band doing what they do best— true, gritty, heavy rock n’ roll. Long-time SALIVA fans will be beyond pleased with the Rise Up— a bold record full of big hooks, major swagger and plenty of amazing guitar work.

    Last week, SALIVA revealed their brand new action-packed music video for their new album’s title track, ‘Rise Up’! The video was directed by Jon Vulpine (Drowning Pool, Gemini Syndrome, Backstreet Boys). Take a look at the brand new music video via Loudwire.com here, and afterward, make sure to watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video released by Revolvermag.com.

    SALIVA is currently on tour, stopping in a town near you! See below for a current listing of upcoming tour dates.

    Remaning 2014 SALIVA Rise-Up Tour Dates:

    4/18 – Tempe, AZ – Club Red

    4/19 – Las Vegas, NV – LVCS

    4/20 – Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theatre

    4/21 – Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studio Live

    4/23 – Lufkin, TX – The Beach Bar

    4/24 – Oklahoma City, OK – The Chameleon

    4/25 – Lubbock, TX – Lonestar Pavillion

    4/26 – San Leon, TX – 18th Street Pier

    4/29 – Reading, PA – Reverb

    4/30 – New York, NY – Santos Party House

    5/2 – Virginia Beach, VA – Farm Bureau Live

    5/3- Baltimore, MD – Fishhead Cantina

    5/4 – Stanhope, NJ - Stanhope House

    5/5 – Bristol, CT – Bleachers

    5/7 – Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room

    5/8 – Columbus, OH – Xclusive Entertainment Center

    5/9 – Ft Wayne, IN – Piere’s

    5/10 – Athens„ OH – Athens County Fairgrounds

    6/6 – Winfield, KS – Rock N’ Country Fest

    6/13 – Rothbury, MI – Double JJ Resort (The Sandy Corley Memorial Run)

    6/22 – South Bend, IN – St Joseph’s County Fairgrounds

    Internationally renowned, Grammy-nominated/AMA-nominated hard rock band SALIVA blasted onto the scene in 2001 with their double-platinum certified album Every Six Seconds, featuring the hit tracks ‘Superstar’, ‘Your Disease’, ‘Click Click Boom’, and ‘After Me’. Tracks from the record were featured in popular media ranging from the original Fast And The Furious film, Dracula 2000, WWE Wrestlemania and No Mercy, and video games like Spy Hunter, BMX XX, Project Gotham Racing, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, and many more. In 2002, the band garnered more attention with former lead singer Josey Scott taking part in a duet track with Nickleback vocalist Chad Kroeger for the track ‘Hero’, appearing on the Spider-Man soundtrack. Later that year, the band’s next release, Back Into Your System, launched the track ‘Always’, which hit the #1 on the Modern Rock Charts. The next several years included more successes for the band, including 2004’s Survival Of The Sickest, which featured the hit single ‘Rest In Pieces’, and also churned out several tracks in video games like NASCAR 2005 and television events like WWE’s Unforgiven. Three years later, the band continued to see major success with 2007’s Blood Stained Love Story, which debuted at #19 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and boasted the popular single ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’. The band’s next two albums, Cinco Diablo and Under Your Skin, each saw Billboard Top 200 debuts within their first week of release, respectively. Now with a new singer Bobby Amaru, SALIVA looks forward to a bright future with their refreshed rock sound and line-up, which also includes guitarist Wayne Swinny, bassist Dave Novotny, and drummer Paul Crosby.

    To learn more about SALIVA, please visit:





    SALIVA is:

    Wayne Swinny - guitars

    Dave Novotny - bass

    Paul Crosby - drums, percussion

    Bobby Amaru – vocals


  8. ANTI-MORTEM Members Share What It Means To Be “Southern”

    Native Oklahoman quintet and saviors of southern-infused hard rock ANTI-MORTEM are set to release their debut album, New Southern, on April 29th in North America. To help introduce you to the mindsets behind the music, Nuclear Blast asked these long-haired Southern gents to discuss the meaning of a Southern heritage, share their small-town community values, and school us all on the joys of Southern recreation (ex: “cow tippin’, fishin’, fireworks, and back roadin’”).

    Watch the video now on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/cz8eKTSTF_A

    ANTI-MORTEM frontman Larado “‘Rado” Romo discusses his role in the band and introduces his fellow band mates here: http://youtu.be/QHeT42XOVk8

    New Southern was produced, recorded, and mixed by the esteemed Bob Marlette (BLACK STONE CHERRY, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, SHINEDOWN, ROB ZOMBIE) and features artwork by Brent Elliott White (DEATH ANGEL, JOB FOR A COWBOY, TRIVIUM).

    The album pre-order bundle – which includes the album + a t-shirt with exclusive artwork for North America - is available now via New Southern Landing Page: http://bit.ly/1hPIBT7.

    The track listing for New Southern is:

    01. Words Of Wisdom (lyric video here)

    02. New Southern

    03. 100% Pure American Rage

    04. Hate Automatic

    05. Black Heartbeat

    06. I Get Along With The Devil

    07. Path To Pain

    08. Wake Up

    09. Ride Of Your Life

    10. Stagnant Water (music video here)

    11 Truck Stop Special

    12. Jonesboro

    13. A Little Too Loose (MR. BIG cover)

    Purchase the “100% Pure American Rage” single on iTunes: http://georiot.co/AntiMortemAmericanRage

    For a glimpse of ANTI-MORTEM’s testicular fortitude, check out the following videos:

    “100% Pure American Rage” - http://vevo.ly/kjWBVz

    “Stagnant Water” – http://youtu.be/dnqz2u5qBB8
    “Words Of Wisdom” (lyrics) - http://youtu.be/5sZXVP3H04E
    “Hate Automatic” (acoustic) - http://youtu.be/y-KUBIITPHA
    “Truck Stop Special” (acoustic) - http://youtu.be/xooedVqxm-Y
    “John The Revelator” (acoustic) - http://youtu.be/35Wm15f8_sE


    What the American hard rock and metal scene needs right now is an infusion of youth and some new blood coursing through its veins. Enter ANTI-MORTEM and their upcoming debut album, New Southern. Formed in 2008 and with over 300 shows already to their name, the combined average age of this Oklahoma quintet is just 21-years-old. ANTI-MORTEM were raised on southern rock & heavy metal and driven by a hunger to make an impact. The band dole out bottom-heavy and groove-laden anthems with every track and infuse a modern sense of melody that is the signature trademark of all the metal greats they’ve learned from. Also present and accounted for: southern swagger in spades, courtesy of the band’s roots and upbringing.

    ANTI-MORTEM are:

    Larado Romo – Lead Vocals
    Nevada Romo – Guitar
    Zain Smith – Guitar
    Corey Henderson – Bass
    Levi Dickerson – Drums

    Visit ANTI-MORTEM online at www.ANTI-MORTEM.com.

    Like: www.facebook.com/ANTIMORTEMUSA
    Follow: twitter.com/ANTIMORTEMUSA
    Watch: www.youtube.com/ANTIMORTEMUSA


  9. L.A. Rap Metal Fusers THE CHIMPZ Reveal Upcoming Self-Titled EP Details + New Lyric Video for “War Machine” via PureGrainAudio

    THE CHIMPZ Reach PledgeMusic Goal – 20 Days Left to Pre-Order: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/thechimpz


    “…The Chimpz are one hot band…”

    – Our City Radio, Minneapolis

    “The Chimpz could singlehandedly resurrect the rap-metal genre.”

    – HardRockHaven.net

    “The Chimpz ride a fine line of rocking fun sound and songs with meaning and purpose. Even at their most serious, you’re going to enjoy their music.”

    – TastesLikeRock.com

    SoCal rap-metal band THE CHIMPZ are pleased to announce brand new details on their upcoming, adrenaline-injected self-titled EP, hitting stores on May 13, 2014. The EP will include the band’s latest single, ‘War Machine’, which you can watch an exclusive lyric video for now via PureGrainAudio.com.

    The band is currently working on the EP at Validus Recordings in North Hollywood, CA with top-notch producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, Bad Religion).

    THE CHIMPZ have the utmost respect for Ryan Greene and his production work, which comes as no surprise as he is also responsible for producing the band’s previous EP, the critically celebrated Who I Can Trust., “Ryan Greene is a professional producer in every sense. He has the ability to get the best performance out of each of us, great guy to work with, and is a true master of his craft!”

    “THE CHIMPZ are by far, the hardest working band I know and feel they’ve put everything they have into the new songs. I look forward to being a part of the project,” adds Ryan Greene.

    The new self-titled EP goes above and beyond what The Chimpz Nation is used to hearing from the band – with a fresh songwriting approach featuring memorable hooks and denser grooves. “This EP has killer hooks, verses, choruses and bridges, with heavy rhythmic grooves with an awesome and unique style,” states lead guitarist Scary Cary. “I can’t wait to share this with our fans, as it will keep them excited, interested, and they’ll go crazy in a good way, every time they listen to it!”

    “I’m very excited about this EP, for many reasons,” adds bassist Sonic. “It delivers songs with awesome arrangements that will surprise our fans and keep them interested in listening to it for years to come.”

    The official EP tracklisting and album art are set to be revealed within the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details coming soon!

    THE CHIMPZ are pleased to announce that they’ve reached their PledgeMusic campaign goal to help fund the new EP! But don’t worry – the page is still live and fans can continue to pre-order the album at the PledgeMusic campaign page here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/thechimpz. Several pre-order/pledge options are available, ranging from album downloads, signed CDs, guest appearing in a music video, VIP show tickets and beyond, to merch packages, Skype lessons, signed guitars or a full band house concert!

    THE CHIMPZ have been touring consistently since their inception, playing shows like the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, Seattle Hemp Fest, Orange County Fair, Lane County Fair, Whiskey a Go Go, House of Blues, and other great venues. THE CHIMPZ have several upcoming shows in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, including the band’s second performance at ROCKLAHOMA via Axis Entertainment! See below for all currently booked dates.

    THE CHIMPZ - Upcoming Events:

    4-25-2014 Scottsdale, AZ @ Electric Ballroom - The Chimpz CD Release party!

    4-26-2014 San Diego, CA @ The Merrow

    5-09-2014 Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues on the Sunset Strip

    5-17-2014 Albuquerque, NM @ Launch Pad

    5-21-2014 Tulsa, OK @ The Hunt Club

    5-24-2014 Pryor, OK @ ROCKLAHOMA

    8-1-2014 Frasier Park, CA @ Fiesta Days Festival

    THE CHIMPZ boast sponsorships with famous brands like Jagermeister, Sabian Cymbals, Schecter Guitars, Sullen Clothing, Coffin Case, Equation Audio, Bogner Amps, Xcel Drumsticks, Audio 2000’s, and Outlaw Threadz. The band’s music has been featured on networks like FX and MTV, on shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Real World, and Bam Margera’s Unholy Union.

    THE CHIMPZ are:

    Artimus Prime (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

    Chuck P (MC/Vocals)

    Scary Cary (Lead Guitar)

    Shawn “Sonic” Lyon (Bass)

    Sean Topham (Drums)

    For more information about THE CHIMPZ, please visit:






  10. ELECTRIC WIZARD sign worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records New album set for release via Spinefarm, in league with the band’s ‘Witchfinder Records’ imprint

    Visually intoxicating, uncompromisingly heavy and revered for making music and lifestyle one, Electric Wizard have completed work on their new studio album, title to be confirmed; the album will be the band’s first release through Spinefarm Records.

    Formed by vocalist / guitarist Jus Oborn in 1993, Electric Wizard (based in the UK’s South-West) have thus far released seven studio albums – an increasingly influential body of work recorded on vintage analogue gear with as little technology as possible intruding on the signal (“Protools is for pussies!”). Result: some of the heaviest, dirtiest, most evil-sounding audio ever put to tape, and more importantly to vinyl, with both ‘Come My Fanatics’ (1997) and ‘Dopethrone’ (2000) being lauded as landmark releases.

    A cultural as well as a musical force, Electric Wizard have left an indelible mark on a host of different genres, the likes of doom, stoner and sludge; at heart, however, they stand as an iconic British metal band, cast in the great tradition, with lyrics and artwork reflecting the hypnotic weight of the music, and subject to the same intelligence and detail.

    Wreathed in occult ritual and drug-culture references, with classic ’70s horror an inspirational seam, Electric Wizard are poised to turn a page; there’s the new deal with Spinefarm Records, plus - after a nine-year hiatus - the return of Mark Greening (the drummer on ‘Dopethrone’), who completes the line-up of Oborn, US guitarist Liz Buckingham, a key member since 2003, and new bassist Clayton Burgess (Satan’s Satyrs).

    Fuelled by strong emotion and the harder sounds of late-’60s Detroit, the remodelled line-up - isolated by choice, giant stacks glowing red - set about crafting an eighth studio album to both rival and exceed the milestone recordings of the past, with Buckingham keeping things suitably monolithic and the band generally looking back to some of their earliest influences.

    Toerag Studios in London was once again charged with capturing ‘The Sound’, and (encouragingly) words like “raw”, “hateful” and “sickeningly heavy” are being traded.

    Says Oborn: “Our master plan is this. Real metal!! We stand for rebellion, we are with the kids; we fight, puke, smoke weed, etc… Electric Wizard is an entity, with its own history, its own symbols, its own iconography, and with this new album, we wanted to return to basic values. It’s primitive. We needed to claw it back down to the evil core – sex, drugs, violence, revolution… to go back to being a band that hung out and jammed hard. No teaching songs, just feeling them out. If you jam enough and you are on the same level – artistically, musically, whatever, you gotta be committed – then good music will happen. I totally believe that…”

    Electric Wizard will make the following festival appearances in 2014, with more shows to be added:

    May 2nd - Temples Festival, Bristol, UK (headline)
    June 20th - Hellfest, Clisson, France (Valley Stage headline)
    July 3rd - Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark (Arena Stage)
    July 4th - Sonisphere, Knebworth Park, UK (stage headline)
    August 16th - Jabberwocky, The Excel Centre, London, UK
    September 12th - Reverence Valada, Portugal (headline with Hawkwind)

    Jus Oborn - lead vocals, guitars
    Liz Buckingham - guitars
    Mark Greening - drums, percussion
    Clayton Burgess - bass



    Established in 1990, Spinefarm Records is an international rock and metal label with dedicated offices around the globe. Spinefarm marries the ethos of the independent to the clout of the major, developing signature artists worldwide.